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    White Sox have little to say about Tony La Russa’s DUI charge ... for now

    The White Sox aren’t saying much about their new manager’s latest DUI.

    The team re-hired Tony La Russa on Oct. 29, but just the day before, the Hall of Famer manager was hit with a driving under the influence charge from an incident back in February in Phoenix.


    “Tony deserves all the assumptions and protections granted to everyone in a court of law, especially while this is a pending matter” the White Sox wrote in a statement, via The Athletic. “Once his case reaches resolution in the courts, we will have more to say. The White Sox understand the seriousness of these charges.”

    ESPN broke the news of La Russa’s latest DUI on Monday, citing court records.

    Tony La Russa facing another DUI charge goes public day after he returns to the White Sox organization.
    Tony La Russa facing another DUI charge goes public day after he returns to the White Sox organization. (Matt Marton/AP)

    La Russa’s lawyer, Larry Kazan, also released a statement on Thursday.

    “The legal process in Arizona, which began in February, has been delayed as a result of COVID-19,” Kazan wrote. “This matter should have come to a conclusion months ago. The process is continuing, but my client Tony La Russa, is entitled to all the assumptions and protections afforded to anyone facing an accusation. It would be unfair and unwise for anyone outside the process to reach conclusions based on limited information.”

    “Given the ongoing nature of the proceedings, it would be inappropriate to say anything further at this time," Kazan continued. "I have faith in our system of justice and look forward to working within that system on behalf of my client.”

    La Russa, 76, rammed his car into a curb while driving in the Phoenix metro area in February, then left his vehicle as it was still smoking, according to the court documents.

    An “argumentative” La Russa was taken into custody after a field sobriety test. The responding officer had detected a “light odor” of alcohol, per ESPN’s reporting.

    La Russa also tried to use his celebrity to sway the cop.

    “I’m a Hall of Famer baseball person,” La Russa said, per ESPN. “I’m legit. I’m a Hall of Famer, brother. You’re trying to embarrass me.”

    The team was aware of the incident before it hired him, White Sox spokesperson Scott Reifert told USA Today. A high-ranking White Sox official also said Monday La Russa was in no danger of losing his new job, the newspaper reported.

    This is the second DUI charge La Russa has faced. In 2007, La Russa, then-Cardinals manager, plead guilty to misdemeanor DUI in Florida after falling asleep at a traffic light.

    If convicted, La Russa could face up to 10 days in jail.

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