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    Kate Mara elaborates on ‘horrendous’ experience making ‘Fantastic Four’

    Kate Mara is finally elaborating on her not so fantastic experience rebooting “Fantastic Four.”

    Mara, who recently told Emmy Magazine she “had a horrible experience on ‘Fantastic Four,'" is finally detailing what she hated about making the widely panned film — aside from the bright spot of marrying costar Jamie Bell.


    “I think that the thing I always go back to on that one is that I think I should have followed my instincts more,” the “House of Cards” star, 37, told Collider in an interview published Thursday.

    Kate Mara is seen in "Fantastic Four."
    Kate Mara is seen in "Fantastic Four." (Fox)

    “Like when my gut was telling me, ‘You probably shouldn’t let that slide, what that person just said,' or if you’re feeling a certain way about what an energy is like and how that is affecting your performance.”


    As the “A Teacher” star noted, she was “being paid to do a certain thing and if something is in the way of that,” she had the right to say something.

    Kate Mara in 2019.
    Kate Mara in 2019. (Charles Sykes/Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

    The “Martian” actress added that standing up for yourself “is something that I think that we all probably learn it over and over again,” and if something is making you uncomfortable, likely, “there’s a reason for it.”

    “I don’t regret doing it at all, but do regret not having stood up for myself,” Mara said. “I regret that for sure. ... Meanwhile, I’m a pretty tough person and I really do advocate for myself.”

    She acknowledged that a few years ago, her reaction may have been a little bit different, but if she found herself in the same situation now, “It just wouldn’t have happened or it just would have been a different environment, I think.”

    Speaking to Emmy Magazine, Mara noted that while there have been female directors she hasn’t meshed with, the two “horrendous experiences" she’s had have been with male directors.

    “But there was never a time that I felt [with female directors], ‘This is happening because I’m a woman.' Where with the male directors, it 100% was only happening with me; it was a power dynamic thing,” she explained, explaining that those two films “were 95% men and I was the only woman in the movie.”

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