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    ‘Alex Rider’ renewed for second season ahead of IMDb TV premiere

    Alex Rider is getting back into business before he even makes his stateside debut.

    The spy thriller, based on Anthony Horowitz’s best-selling British book series, has been renewed for a second season three days before it premieres in the United States on IMDb TV Friday, Amazon Prime announced Tuesday.


    The series follows the eponymous teenager Alex Rider, played by Otto Farrant, as he’s thrust into the spy world after his uncle’s mysterious death.

    Lauren Anderson and Ryan Pirozzi, co-heads of content and programming for IMDb TV, praised the show’s “special character, enviable cast and...dynamic material.”


    While the first season takes most of its plot from the second series of the book series, the second season will follow the fourth book, “Eagle Strike.”

    Otto Farrant stars as the teenage spy.
    Otto Farrant stars as the teenage spy. (Des Willie/Eleventh Hour Films/Sony Pictures Television)

    Showrunner Guy Burt told the Daily News that the second season will find Alex reeling from revelations about his handlers within the British intelligence service and whether their loyalties lie with him or their own self-interest.

    “Alex is dropped in at the deep end of a world that is scary and confusing,” Burt told The News.

    Farrant told The News he hopes the second season will give Alex more of a romantic life, joking that the teenager deserves a little levity.

    Production on the second season is expected to begin in January, The News has learned.

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